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Before joining KDHRC, Kati graduated with her degree in Political Science (and a minor in Psychology) from the University of Oklahoma. Throughout her academic years, she focused primarily on international politics and addressing inequality in public policy, giving her a unique perspective to confront issues relating to public health and healthcare equity.

Her favorite part of being a Research Assistant is working closely with others to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Additionally, she loves the dynamic nature of her work, where each day comes with the opportunity to learn and tackle new challenges.

Kati was born and raised in middle-of-nowhere Oklahoma and grew up playing softball, riding horses, and hiking in the woods. Despite her country roots, she has shed her love for the outdoors and all its bugs, although you might still catch her stargazing on occasion. She spends most of her free time binge-watching medical dramas (especially House or Grey’s Anatomy) and cheesy horror movies with her two feline and two canine companions.

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