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Kristen founded KDHRC on a wing and prayer in 2006, with the simultaneous goals of doing great work, having fun while doing great work, and getting paid for great work. While she never dreamed of being a small business owner, Kristen is quick to tell a story or three about how thrilling, fulfilling, and at times terrifying the KDHRC journey has been. Fifteen years later, she’s gratified to see the impact of our great work on the world and how our good times have led to a  strong and growing company with great staff and alumni.

KDHRC’s best big picture thinker and delegator of details, Kristen manages the administrative and business development sides of KDHRC and stays hands-on with as many communication projects as possible. She’s happiest brainstorming new ideas, collaborations, and programs to make a difference for our clients, our staff, and our world.

Kristen received her PhD from George Washington University and cut her teeth on federal grants and contracting at a start-up “Beltway Bandit” while still in grad school She credits these early experiences with her intrepid nature and willingness to think boldly. She loves Atlanta but is still a little DC homesick.

When not in her office, Kristen is often found at her children’s baseball games or swim meets. Her love of national parks, minor league stadiums, and diners often morphs into epic and sprawling road trips.

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