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Before joining KDHRC, Tabatha worked on community-based research projects. Tabatha specializes in health equity, mixed-methods research, facilitating focus groups and roundtable discussions, and community engagement. Developing these skills solidified her passion for public health research. She is excited to continue promoting health and wellbeing through research, program development, and evaluation at KDHRC!

After earning her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Michigan, Tabatha worked as a research assistant on fMRI research projects studying substance use in adolescents. In 2021, she began her dual master’s programs in public health and social work at the University of Michigan. While in graduate school, Tabatha worked as a success coach, research assistant, and professional development coordinator on a summer youth employment program. In this role, she made a meaningful impact on the local community by supporting low-resource families and youth. Tabatha helped develop and deliver professional development content to youth, local employers and mentors, and family members.

When she is not working, you can find Tabatha hanging out with her husband, skiing, hiking, camping, and otherwise enjoying the outdoors. She loves to read and try new recipes in her free time!

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