Who We Are

Our Story

In 2006, KDHRC began at a kitchen table with a mission, a business plan, and a pile of proposals. Our dream grew alongside our children, who napped on the couches of our very first office and interrupted project work for the occasional game of roller chair hockey.

Soon we hired a team of citizen scholars and spirited nerds who shared a passion for complex problems and meaningful projects. And in 2015, we moved into our dream office in Midtown Atlanta, where we flourished.

When the pandemic hit, we realized we didn’t need great office space, just great people. Now, with talent spanning multiple states, we’re 100% virtual and have taken our zany office culture to Zoom.

Our Values

What drives us… and what sets us apart.

Scientific Rigor

We push ourselves to dig deeper, go further, and verify our work … always


We are committed to the pursuit of continuous learning


We are resolute in the face of difficulty, confident in our abilities


We believe finding the right question is more important than the answer


We desire to make a difference for our clients and in the world


We think being Nerds in the Know is also a good time

Our Staff

Meet our team of social scientists, policy analysts, communication specialists, methodologists, and strategists. Diverse in our backgrounds and our training, we share a commitment to making a positive difference in the health and well-being of the people our programs serve.
CFO & Grand Poobah of Research
Senior Research Associate
Project Operations Manager
Tobacco Strategist II
Tobacco Strategist I
Ciara Long, MPH
Project Operations Manager
Executive Assistant
Accounting Assistant

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