Latinas con Lupus


Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation and affects the skin, joints, and multiple organ systems in the body. There is no cure for lupus. However, adequate diagnosis and treatment improve health outcomes and quality of life.

The disease disproportionately affects ethnic minority women, including Latinas. Research suggests Latinas may lack awareness about lupus and face cultural and structural barriers to health care access.


KDHRC designed Latinas con Lupus, Promotores con Información (LLPI) as a culturally tailored, online professional development course for promotores de salud (community health workers). The goal of the program is to provide promotores with the knowledge and skills to conduct outreach to Latinas with diagnosed or suspected lupus.


KDHRC conducted an online feasibility evaluation of the LLPI prototype with promotores de salud across the United States. Promotores exposed to the prototype demonstrated positive changes across all knowledge, attitudes, self-efficacy, and intentions related to lupus and conducting outreach in their communities. The findings suggest that the LLPI modules successfully prepared promotores to educate and support Latinas around lupus topics.

Participant Feedback

“The information in the program is clear and precise. I feel comfortable sharing this with my community.”

“It was very helpful and useful information as you do not hear much about lupus in our area.”

“The program provided me with great information that I would have never known if I hadn’t participated in this study.”

The modules are well designed. The information is clear and easy-to-understand I feel better prepared to tell others about lupus.”


In Summer 2019, KDHRC will launch the full program including a website from which promotores can access the professional development course, related handouts and worksheets, videos, and interactive features.

KDHRC will conduct a rigorous outcome evaluation of the full program starting in Spring 2019. We will publish findings from the outcome evaluation in research briefs and peer-reviewed journals.


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