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KDHRC created the Todo Promotores Clearinghouse program, which includes resources to support nonprofit organization’s formulation, implementation, and evaluation of promotores programs and increase their health delivery capacity.

Community-based nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are frontline providers of health services, particularly for Latino populations. Latinos may often seek community-based health care because of lack of insurance, language barriers, or distrust of the mainstream medical system.

NPOs may have limited resources, necessitating the development and implementation of low-cost, yet effective, service delivery approaches. One effective approach involves promotores de salud (community health workers) programs. Promotores de salud are trained to conduct outreach for health promotion, prevention, and medical treatment.

There is increasing evidence that promotores improve health outcomes in Latino communities. However, there is a lack of systematic information available to NPOs about their optimal formulation, implementation, and evaluation.

KDHRC has recently completed the development of the Todo Promotores Clearinghouse (TPC) program, which includes resources to support NPOs’ formulation, implementation, and evaluation of promotores programs. TPC aims to increase the health delivery capacity of Latino-serving NPOs through a clearinghouse of evidence-based information on establishing effective promotores programs or improving existing ones. More effective promotores service delivery will result in time and cost efficiencies for NPOs and translate into better Latino health outcomes over time.

TPC is an effective learning tool that may help nonprofit staffers understand to how formulate, implement, and evaluate promotores programming. While TPC has shown increase in knowledge for all staffers, the program may be more beneficial for staffers with less experience and those from smaller, grassroots organizations. To obtain the most benefit from the program, TPC is best used in its entirety.

Participant Feedback

“Excellent resources, easy to navigate website, clarity in formulations, well designed.” – NPO program

“The training courses were well laid out and provided a succinct amount of information in various areas of a promotores’ program. I especially enjoyed the handouts provided and found them to be a useful tool in my current community outreach programs.”- NPO program director

“Great site and a great learning experience into a field that I knew nothing about before this website.” – NPO program director

Click here to access training courses and related handouts and worksheets, videos, and a resource library.

Click here to visit the TPC digital community.

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