Familias Fuertes

Outreach program to provide education and support for Latino families with children affected by cancer. Visit the Latino Health Resources website to learn more and purchase Familias Fuertes.


Cancer is the fourth-leading cause of death among Latino adolescents in the United States. More than two percent of cancer cases among the Latino population occur in children and adolescents, compared with one percent of cancer cases in the total U.S. population.

Health care access barriers, such as uninsured or underinsured status and linguistic/cultural communication difficulties, exacerbate poor health outcomes among Latino children. Because of the higher disease burden and barriers to culturally appropriate care, there is a need for tailored interventions to support Latino families with a child coping with cancer.



KDHRC developed Familias Fuertes (FF), a promotores training guide for community-based organizations serving Latino families with a child coping with cancer. FF builds bridges between the family and formalized medical systems of care, reducing the risk of negative medical outcomes. Additionally, the guide promotes family communication about the disease, lowering stress and facilitating effective coping for both children and adults.



A feasibility evaluation by academic experts, community-based organization directors, and facilitators found that FF was culturally competent and engaging for facilitators and promotores. The evaluation also rated FF a comprehensive training guide touching on the subject areas that  promotores would need to know in order to work with children coping with cancer.



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Familias Fuertes

Latinos experience significant health disparities and barriers to care when coping with cancer. This product trains promotores to support families with children, a vulnerable population presently underserved by existing programs.

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Maria Rios, MPH
Project Operations Manager