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KDHRC developed SecuRx as a professional development course to train school administrators on how to create policies and procedures specific to prescription drug diversion and abuse in schools.

One in four teens report abusing a prescription drug at least once, and most teens who abuse prescription drugs obtain them through diversion. Diversion includes giving, sharing, or selling prescription drugs from a legitimate medical prescription.

Schools are a prime location where diversion occurs, creating significant problems for middle and high schools. In addition to the disruption of normal activities, students who experience adverse reactions to these powerful drugs may compromise the safety of other students and staff.

Addressing diversion in schools requires a comprehensive approach to assessing and expanding existing policies and procedures. Effective resolutions are possible when school administrators, teachers, and staff collaborate to create and implement a diversion-prevention plan.

KDHRC developed SecuRx to support development of policies and procedures specific to prescription drug diversion and abuse in schools. SecuRx features a five-module professional development course for school administrators with supplemental resources for teachers, counselors, nurses, and parents.

Additionally, the SecuRx website includes video interviews with school administrators and brief instructional videos to recognize and address abuse and diversion. The overarching goal of SecuRx is to prevent prescription drug diversion and abuse in schools.

School administrators, teachers, and parents exposed to the SecuRx website found the components implementable, easy-to-use, and applicable to the real-world environment. School administrators said the online training would be easy-to-implement and a reasonable approach, in both time and effort.

Teachers agreed that the website was a useful teaching tool to train teachers to identify and address prescription drug abuse in schools. Parents found the content to be well-organized, detailed and easy-to-understand, and helpful to them as parents.

Participant Feedback

“This is an excellent program that is thorough, well-thought out, and linked to appropriate research. I look forward to seeing this in school systems soon. It will save and improve lives.” – School administrator

“[The parent section] explained everything very well. Good information that I didn’t know, such as including listing the pain medications and how to dispose of them. I really liked the videos that put everything in ABC [order] and dissected it and makes it so that it is not all on one page.” – Parent

“[The] website does a good job of highlighting the growing problem of prescription drug abuse. The information is presented in a clear way. The website is aesthetically pleasing. The animated videos, in particular, are well constructed and informative.” – Teacher

To learn more about the SecuRx program click here.

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