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KDHRC celebrated 13 years of research & communication

In November, KDHRC celebrated our thirteen-year anniversary. As part of our annual “Flounder’s Day” (= Founder’s Day- but if you know, you know) we headed to the Atlanta Beltline to participate in a scavenger hunt. We split into three teams and battled it out on the Beltline where we had to ask strangers to join us in wacky tasks like posing for a picture sleeping and cheesing with fake teeth from our mystery bags. We had a blast and we even got to leave our mark with some KDHRC chalk graffiti. Thank you to our staff members Joseph and Chris who helped plan this awesome event. We laughed and celebrated together as we remembered the teamwork that makes KDHRC such an incredible place to work (and play). Happy thirteenth KDHRC; we are officially teenagers!

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