We seek creative, highly skilled, and intrepid people to join our growing multidisciplinary team working to make a difference in the lives of children, families, and communities.

KDHRC careers provide freedom to explore many facets of public health programming, dissemination, and evaluation. Our institutional culture is rooted in excellence in our work and collegiality in our relationships. We value mentoring to grow your professional skills.

To learn more about us and explore our opportunities, contact us by email at careers@kdhrc.com.

Current open positions:

Research Assistant

KDHRC seeks a full-time research assistant to primarily support research activities under the Latino Health program area. KDHRC Latino Health programs address the unique health risks of Latino families and communities. Our projects explore optimal methods for community-based organizations to deliver health education to Latinos and ways to decrease their barriers to health care.




Under close supervision by a more experienced staffer, a research assistant assists with developing and evaluating social science programs by gathering information and helping to prepare materials for inclusion in programs, reports, and studies.  May administer surveys and/or questionnaires, conduct semi-structured interviews, and compile results. May collect, tabulate, and process data using basic statistical methods and statistical analysis software.


More specifically, a research assistant:

  • Performs library research on specified topics and synthesize material into annotated bibliographies, abstracts, literature reviews, summaries, and reports, in alignment with a supervisor’s instructions.
  • Develops components of materials for public distribution (such as curricula, multimedia tools, trainings, etc.), generally using an outline developed by a more senior researcher.
  • Follows evaluation protocols to track participant recruitment, reduce participant attrition, manage data, and process incentives, with strong attention to detail, accuracy, and data security.
  • Supports the administration of evaluations by tracking and reminding participants, filing participant paperwork, mailing evaluation supplies/materials, preparing and submitting incentive requests, and other support tasks. Must be completed with strong attention to detail, accuracy, and data security.
  • Tabulates and/or maintain collected data by means of coding or organizing data into databases, tables, or graphs. May conduct basic statistical analyses.
  • Administers structured surveys and/or semi-structured interviews (telephone, written, computer-assisted, and in-person interviews) for projects requiring primary data collection.
  • Conducts outreach to community organizations to gather letters of support for proposals or generates contact lists for program dissemination.
  • Completes social media and program dissemination tasks, as assigned.




Qualifications for this position include: 1) a bachelor’s or master’s degree in public policy, public health, economics, or a related social science field, or an equivalent combination of education and experience; 2) strong writing ability and quantitative skills; 3) basic data collection experience and knowledge of statistical software packages, such as SPSS, SAS, or STATA; and 4) Spanish language proficiency. Prior experience in a similar research organization is a plus.



To apply for this position, please send your resume and a cover letter to careers@kdhrc.com. The cover letter must clearly discuss your experience and its applicability to the position.