Morgan Fleming, MPH

Tobacco Strategist

Before embarking on her public health journey, Morgan taught high school science and coached the school’s softball team.  Mentoring adolescents and encouraging them to pursue their dreams was the highlight of their career.  While studying at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University Morgan shifted from teaching teenagers to studying HPV vaccine hesitancy among adolescents and their parents.

 In her position at KDHRC, Morgan works on research and communication materials intended for adolescents, her first hand experience a teacher to bear!  Morgan loves working at KDHRC because of the challenging projects focused on adolescent health.  She enjoys the collaborative nature of this role, which allows her to engage with research more deeply and create a greater impact.  Throughout her career, Morgan has prioritized work that keeps adolescents happy and healthy.

Morgan graduated from Elon University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and focused on organometallic synthesis and electrochemical studies. Morgan received her Master of Public Health (MPH) in Global Health from the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.

When “out of office”, Morgan enjoys attending sporting events, watching sports on TV, and talking with people about sports.  She has the ambitious goal of attending games at every NBA arena and MLB ballpark. 

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