Grassroots Lupus Awareness Campaign


Lupus is an autoimmune disease estimated to affect around 1.5 million Americans. The disease mostly strikes women of childbearing age, but men, children, and teenagers may be affected. While there is no cure, timely and appropriate diagnosis and treatment improve health outcomes and quality of life. African American women and Latinas are at high risk for the disease, but a lack of awareness often delays health interventions. Raising lupus awareness among at-risk women concerned about their health can prompt them to seek more information and see a doctor for timely diagnosis and treatment.


KDHRC is supporting the American College of Rheumatology’s (ACR) five-year comprehensive, sustainable grassroots lupus awareness and education campaign. The campaign focuses on increasing lupus awareness and reducing health disparities among African American and Latino women ages 18-25.

KDHRC conceptualizes, coordinates, and executes campaign research and evaluation activities, including:

  • Strategic development, including reviewing the literature, gathering intended audience insights, seeking expert input, analyzing audience media consumption habits, conducting a large-scale environmental scan and needs assessments.
  • Asset development and testing; creating concept assets; qualitatively testing the asset to ensure cultural appropriateness and resonance; and quantitatively testing the asset for desired behavior change.
  • Market evaluation, including tracking metrics to determine reach and frequency.
  • Outcome evaluation planning for the surveys we will employ to measure campaign effects on behavior.


Initial market and outcome evaluation data will be available following the campaign launch in May 2017.


To discover more about the lupus awareness campaign, click here.


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