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Even with higher per pupil expenditures, students in the United States perform significantly lower on scientific achievement tests than many of their peers around the world. Systematically relating the value of science to students’ everyday lives can improve attitudes, which translates into high scientific achievement and literacy.


KDHRC developed Attitude Boost to increase students’ positive attitudes toward science and science literacy and achievement. Attitude Boost is a science curricula supplement designed for teachers of elementary school students (grades 4 and 5) and middle school students (grades 7 and 8). The supplement includes complementary online games and associated lessons. The goal of Attitude Boost is threefold:

  • Increasing students’ enjoyment of and engagement with science subjects
  • Improving students’ academic performance in science subjects, particularly those related to drug abuse education and prevention
  • Raising students’ scientific literacy to actively process and apply scientific information in everyday tasks


Elementary and middle school students exposed to Attitude Boost gained knowledge about science, with younger students demonstrating the greatest increases in positive attitudes.  Elementary school students exposed to Attitude Boost showed more recognition of the importance of science than students who were unexposed to the supplement. This improved recognition of the importance of science was also apparent among middle school students exposed to Attitude Boost, though the difference between the rate of change in the exposed and unexposed groups was insignificant.

To learn more about the methodology and outcomes of the Attitude Boost evaluation click here.


Discover more about the Attitude Boost curriculum supplement or purchase the materials by clicking here.

“My students still bring up questions that pertain to the materials we covered in AB. I think this is a great program!”– A fifth grade teacher in Florida


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