KDHRC researchers published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine

— September 2019

Congratulations to KDHRC researchers Nikki Wanty, Joncel Stephens, and president Kristen Holtz, for their recent publication in the Journal of Clinical Medicine! This article was written in collaboration with Saira Sheikh from UNC and Sheryl McCalla from the ACR.

“The State of Lupus Clinical Trials: Minority Participation Needed,” outlines the lupus health disparities experienced by African Americans, Latinos, and women and offers a multifaceted solution to increase minority involvement in lupus clinical trials. Lupus clinical trials explore improved treatment options for people living with lupus and offer solutions that help reduce lupus health disparities that make the burden of lupus more severe for African Americans and Latinos. Several barriers exist between lupus patients and providers that reduce awareness of lupus clinical trials and under estimate their potential benefits. KDHRC is eager to spread awareness on the importance of minority involvement in lupus clinical trials. The publication includes a detailed list of barriers that both lupus patients and providers face and offers specific examples of interventions that can help eliminate these barriers.

You can read the full article here.


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