–August 2019

In late August, KDHRC attended the National Conference on Tobacco or Health (NCTOH) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. While in attendance, KDHRC presented new research findings from the FDA’s The Real Cost Campaign and from our very own program, AVOID.  AVOID is an online program that contains easy to use, evidence-based educational materials that build youths’ knowledge, heighten perceived risks, promote anti-vaping attitudes, and decrease intentions to use vapes. Created with schools and community-based organizations in mind, AVOID gives communities the tools to fight youth vaping through education and awareness. The AVOID poster we presented at NCTOH included findings from the AVOID evaluation. The evaluation revealed that those exposed to the AVOID program reported significantly greater knowledge, risk assessment, and lower intentions to vape than participants of the study that did not receive AVOID materials.

About NCTOH:

NCTOH is one of the largest conferences focused on professionals in the tobacco control community and is committed to highlighting best practices and policies that reduce tobacco use. In collaboration with the National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI), NCTOH invites dozens of agencies, foundations, organizations, and committees within the tobacco control movement to join them at the conference. Attendees gain insight from leaders in the tobacco control movement and examine the latest evidence and research on best practices in tobacco control. Attendees can then use this expertise to add to their own tobacco control programs, policies, and research.


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