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Your organization strives to keep students healthy. AVOID can help you talk to students about the risk of vapes with an evidence-based prevention toolkit.

Evidence-based Learning

Turnkey, Ready-To-Use Toolkit

  • Presents step-by-step lessons that allow for immediate use by instructors, even those with limited prevention experience or vaping knowledge.
  • Includes five one-hour lessons with videos, discussion guides, and handouts.
  • Provides flexibility to adapt lessons to fit any schedule, venue, or group size.

Who is this Program For?

AVOID helps adults talk to kids about avoiding vapes. AVOID supports institutions who work with youth.

Community-based organizations

AVOID supports the prevention mission of coalitions and other outreach programs


AVOID can be implemented school wide to educate the student population

Individual teachers

AVOID’s lessons integrate with many science and health teaching standards


Parents can use the AVOID content to talk with their kids

Local community groups

Scout troops, clubs, after-school programs and others can use these lessons


Vapes decrease sports performance. Teach your athletes why

Faith-based institutions

Educating our youth can be everyone’s mission

What does AVOID Contain?

AVOID contains brief educational videos and discussion guides. The videos engage students and provide information. The accompanying discussion guides help adults present these videos to kids and conduct a deeper conversation on topics that include:

  • What’s in vapes and who is using them?
  • What’s in vape “smoke”?
  • Physical consequences of vaping
  • Nicotine in vapes and risk of addiction
  • The harms associated with flavors
  • How the tobacco industry targets youth with vapes

Frequently Asked Questions

AVOID is a media-based online toolkit for vaping prevention programming with middle and high school students. The current AVOID toolkit includes five one-hour lessons with videos, discussion guides, and handouts for immediate implementation by a facilitator.

In a word – yes! AVOID was developed with a strong science-base, with vetting from top tobacco researchers and prevention practitioners. A pretest/posttest evaluation of AVOID’s core components with over 200 students found that exposure to the AVOID materials effectively changes knowledge about vaping, perceptions of risk about vaping, and lowers intentions to vape at statistically significant levels.

AVOID is designed for turnkey use. Facilitators need Internet access to download the videos, discussion guides, and handouts. Each discussion guide provides step-by-step instructions and a list of materials needed for the activities, such as large sheets of paper, writing instruments, and a whiteboard. We also recommend printing copies of the handouts for participating students.

Each AVOID lesson is designed to be completed in around an hour. However, the lessons are customizable and can be shortened or lengthened depending on time constraints. The discussion guides estimate the time to complete each activity, allowing you to customize as necessary by shortening or extending discussions.

We recommend you implement the AVOID lessons in order, but each stand-alone lesson can be implemented based on your needs.

Purchase Now!

AVOID is available for immediate implementation! Purchase through Amazon for immediate access and unlimited use.

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