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KDHRC Celebrates 17th Flounders Day

Happy Flounder’s Day! No, that is not a typo. Today, we’re celebrating the founding of KDHRC. Yes, we recognize that KDHRC’s mascot is a squirrel, not a fish. But somewhere along the way, FOUNDER turned into FLOUNDER!

So, what is Flounder’s Day? Well, Flounder’s Day is:

  • KDHRC’s anniversary of our founding! Today, we celebrate 17 years of KDHRC.
  • The realization of a business plan built during a round of golf back in 2005.
  • A day to recognize Kristen and Eric, who not only took the leap to create KDHRC, but have worked tirelessly ever since to help KDHRC grow, evolve, and thrive.
  • The prime time to reflect on KDHRC’s impact on us, on others, and on our community.

Happy Flounder’s Day to one and all, and we look forward to the next 17+ years of KDHRC growth and success.

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