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KDHRC conducts rigorous research to explore complex social problems and construct powerful programs that improve the health and well-being of youth, families, and communities.

Alarmingly high rates of e-cig use, especially among youth, have prompted regulatory action on the part of the government and calls to action to create informative resources to educate youth on the potential dangers of use. AVOID aims to reduce youths’ intentions to use by creating educational videos that live on an online platform and are disseminated by community-based organizations.

Despite a large effort in tobacco use control and prevention, youth tobacco use has remained steady since 2011. The FDA’s “The Real Cost” campaign reaches youth with persuasive anti-tobacco messages.

Latinas con Lupus, Promotores con Información (LLPI), an online professional development course for promotores de salud (community health workers), provides promotores with the knowledge and skills to conduct outreach to Latinas with diagnosed or suspected lupus.

Project PENCIL

Parents and teachers of children with chronic illness face the burden of navigating the school system, securing school services, and easing the child’s frequent transitions into and out of school because of absences. Project PENCIL reduces this burden by increasing parents’ and teachers’ knowledge and ability to manage the educational needs of chronically ill children and advocate for school services with less stress and more confidence.

Health Science

KDHRC offers a wealth of interdisciplinary capabilities. With expertise in research, evaluation, health science communication, and program development, KDHRC creates powerful programs to support the work of government, academia, nonprofit, faith-based, and community-based organizations.

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