KDHRC is a public health and public policy institution.

A woman-owned, nonpartisan, and for-profit small business, KDHRC has four main emphases: drug abuse education and prevention, Latino health, vulnerable populations, and organizational studies. We partner with federal agencies and other clients to provide research, evaluation, health science communication, and program development services. KDHRC is located in a state-of-the-art office at 1175 Peachtree Street in the heart of vibrant midtown Atlanta.

KDHRC strongly supports research objectivity and freedom from sponsor bias. We adhere scrupulously to our Financial Conflicts of Interest policy to ensure the design, conduct, and reporting of research projects funded by external sponsors will not be pressured by any conflicting financial interest.

KDHRC does not accept funding or support of any kind from tobacco companies or organizations known to be directly funded by the tobacco industry. This prohibition does not apply to funding from the Master Settlement Agreement, nor to programs funded by tobacco excise taxes provided by consumers.


To contact an expert for media interviews, call (404) 968-8008 or e-mail publicaffairs@kdhrc.com. KDHRC’s experts supply knowledgeable, unbiased assessments and interpretation of

  • Current research on preventing drug and alcohol abuse, particularly for emerging drugs of abuse
  • Community health interventions, with an emphasis on community health worker/promotora programs
  • Latino health and health awareness
  • Health concerns of vulnerable populations, including people with cochlear implants, chronic illness, and other challenges.

Press Releases and News

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