KDHRC offers a wealth of interdisciplinary capabilities. With expertise in research, evaluation, health science communication, and program development, KDHRC creates powerful programs to support the work of government, academia, and nonprofit, faith-based, and community-based organizations. We deliver rigorous research to verify the effect of programming for expansion and dissemination.




Taking a holistic view of the research process, we weave together best practices, scientific literature, audience insights gained through market research, and methodological expertise to create an evidence base for every program and campaign effort. This comprehensive approach ensures a strong evidence-based foundation for program development. It also creates a feedback loop for ongoing corrections and iterative improvements.

Research capabilities —

  • Logic models, term definition, and research questions
  • Needs assessments
  • Environmental scans
  • Analysis and synthesis of literature and best practices
  • Qualitative research
    • Focus groups
    • Interviews
    • Town halls
    • Technology-driven data collection (e.g., online ethnographies and intercepts)
    • Message testing and audience input

KDHRC is adept at designing and implementing practical and influential process, outcome, and impact evaluations in both experimental and applied settings. We have particular expertise in community-based, multisite evaluations of health intervention effectiveness.

Evaluation capabilities —

  • Research methodologies
    • Descriptive
    • Correlational
    • Quasi-experimental
    • Randomized controlled trial
  • Feasibility evaluation
  • Usability testing
  • IRB/PRA/OMB and other compliance and clearance considerations
  • Survey design, sampling, and administration
  • Evaluation recruitment
  • Data analysis: univariate, bivariate, and multivariate
  • Publication development
  • Reporting and presentations
Health Science Communication

KDHRC excels in health science communication, which incorporates tenets of health education, health communication, and health promotion but specifically emphasizes the development of messages that are maximally resonant and relevant to the intended audience without compromising scientific accuracy. Simply put, KDHRC translates the scientific literature into messages that change health-related behavior.

By transforming complex scientific information into actionable messages tailored to the intended audience’s preferences and motivations, we overcome their barriers to action. We have particular expertise collaborating with media and advertising companies to find the optimal point where creative execution can peacefully co-exist with evidence-based and culturally competent content.

KDHRC applies our health science communication prowess to support The Real Cost youth tobacco prevention campaign.

Health science communication capabilities —

• Literature reviews and bibliographies
• Literature monitoring
• Content creation and packaging
• Content vetting and asset testing
• Needs assessment
• Message development
• Message testing
• Expert panel input
• Campaign coordination
• Reporting and publishing

Program Development

Building from evidence and best practices, we construct powerful programs to change health-related behavior. The messages of these programs are tailored to their intended audiences, and the technology used to deliver the messages is skillfully chosen to improve message uptake and make the message easy to act on.

Program development capabilities —

• Video
• Website
• Applications (apps)
• Toolkits
• Curricula
• Digital and traditional media
• Campaigns
• Integrated campaigns
• Strategy
• Evaluation
• Reporting