Andrew Simkus, MSc
Research Analyst

Areas of Focus: Research design, quantitative analysis

Andrew Simkus joined KDH Research & Communication as a Research Analyst in November of 2020. Andrew has research experience in psychology and public policy, with focuses on family studies, health, education, social protection, and migration. His professional experience includes evaluating programs and intervention studies tailored to enhance behavioral and educational outcomes for youth considered high-risk and children with disabilities. He has published seven research syntheses on early child literacy interventions and is currently working to publish his master’s thesis on police programs/trainings regarding mental health and their associations with lethal use-of-force.

Mr. Simkus holds a Master in Public Policy and Human Development from the United Nations University in Maastricht, NL with a joint specialization in Migration Studies and Social Protection. He has worked for public and private research institutions including Duke University and the Orelena Hawks Puckett Research Institute and has assisted in outcome evaluations of private residential therapeutic communities.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys creating music, traveling, working out, exploring nature, and writing.