Online Resource Center for Older Adults with Cochlear Implants (RCCI)

Online resource center for older adults with cochlear implants. 


Age-related hearing loss is the third-most common chronic health condition among older adults. Cochlear implants (CIs), medical devices that create a representation of sound in the brain, are offering a new solution to the condition. Today, many older adults are taking advantage of the devices as eligibility and reimbursement considerations change.

Despite their benefits, CIs can be challenging to use in real-world settings. The difficulties can cause users to avoid social situations or to stop using their CI altogether. Additionally, in-person support services may be difficult to access due to time, financial, and locational constraints.



KDHRC will develop the Online Resource Center for Older Adults with Cochlear Implants (RCCI). This interactive, web-based resource will build the knowledge, attitudes, self-efficacy, and social skills of older adults to realize optimum benefits from their CIs.

RCCI will also provide information for family members to support adults with CIs through building knowledge, self-efficacy, and intentions to support. RCCI meets the substantial and growing need for low-cost, widely available, and evidence-based sources of ongoing support for older adults with CIs and their families.



The RCCI evaluation, planned for Winter 2017, will measure the extent to which use of the RCCI website significantly and positively changes older adults’ knowledge, attitudes, self-efficacy, and intentions to benefit from their CIs. The evaluation will also measure family members’ knowledge, self-efficacy, and intentions to support older adults with CIs.



When completed, RCCI will be a publicly available website.


Related Research

Research briefs and other publications about RCCI will be forthcoming as we continue developing and evaluating the program.

Online Resource Center for Older Adults with Cochlear Implants (RCCI)

RCCI will be an online support center to help older adults with CIs optimally use and benefit from their CIs.

Staff Contact
Nicole I. Wanty
Research Associate I, Vulnerable Populations Program Manager