Program Areas

Founded in 2006, KDH Research & Communication (KDHRC) is an institution that constructs and evaluates public programs to improve the health and well-being of the nation’s youth, families, and communities. In tandem, we produce and disseminate objective and timely scientific information to address public health and social service problems.

Our goal is to produce programs that help people live better lives and research that pushes forward the fields of public health and public policy.

KDHRC has four program areas that focus on critical health and social services topics:

  • Drug Abuse Education and Prevention: Investigates emerging trends in substance abuse and measures the effectiveness of social marketing, universal school-based prevention, and science education as methods to reach youth with persuasive information on the risks of illicit drug use.
  • Latino Health: Seeks to understand and address the unique health risks of Latino families and communities, and explore optimal methods for community-based organizations to deliver health education to Latinos.
  • Vulnerable Populations: Develops, evaluates, and disseminates programs to improve the health and quality of life of children with special needs and their families, underserved communities, and other vulnerable populations.
  • Organizational Studies: Identifies and studies strategies for public institutions and nonprofit organizations to deliver health and social services effectively.